The Poll
CNN, USA Today, and Gallup pulled their expertise together to conduct a poll which produced some rather surprising results. 1,003 adults were polled over a three day period beginning January 6, 2006 through January 8, 2006.

The Results
Not surprisingly, 541 of the 1,003 voters (more than half if you do the math), felt that President George Bush was doing a poor job and indicated that they disapproved of his effectiveness. The Democrats have been rallying around the “culture of corruption” theme in hopes that persuading the American public that a GOP led Congress is essentially the most corrupt assembly America has ever seen. Results of the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll indicate that their propaganda seems to be working just fine.

Corruption in the Government Ranked a Concern
More importantly, the concern most often cited as a concern was corruption within our government body. 43% of those polled indicated this would be an extremely important concern in 2006. But are they concerned enough to reelect someone else (keep reading).

38% of the poll participants felt that Congress was corrupt; a surprising number to those of us at STM because we felt the number would be closer to 99.9%. Those polled further stepped out on a limb and indicated that Democrats would do a much better job of fighting corruption than would Republicans. 48% felt Democrats would clean house while only 32% felt Republicans would do a better job – more surprising numbers since STM thinks a house full of monkeys could do a better job.

What to do with the Wickedness that is Running Rampant
So what to do about this rampant immorality threaded through our Congress? Pollsters had the answer – 43% thought members of Congress should be reelected. Nearly half of those polled think that Congress is corrupt but the same percentage of people think they should be reelected. Shows what we have to look forward to in 2007…