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Big business corruption and greed.


Child Labor in the cocoa bean business

The Ivory Coast, a small country in West Africa, borders the countries of Liberia, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Ghana. It is the world’s biggest producer of cocoa, the almond sized beans that are made into chocolate treats for children in America, Europe, and other parts of the world. In the Ivory Coast, over 200,000 children work full-time jobs, many processing the cocoa beans on large farms.

J.P. Morgan – Civil War Corruption Leads to Big Business 0

J.P. Morgan – Civil War Corruption Leads to Big Business

J.P. Morgan, the name synonmous with big business, developed a name early on as a ruthless, shrewd businessman –traits which all too often are required in order to run a successful business. What many do not know, is that the at an early age, the backbone of the successful business was formed off a degenerate trade made with the United States government that costs U.S. citizens more than just idle cash – but rather the lives of American soldiers.


Goodyear – What’s in a name?

Charles Goodyear, born in 1800 in New Haven, Connecticut, was barely 60 years old when he died in debt. His discovery of the process of vulcanization should have earned him millions. Many are surprised to find that the Goodyear Tire Company that bears his name, was not founded by Charles Goodyear, never paid any royalties to his family, and in fact, never paid Charles Goodyear a penny for his amazing contribution to science.


Enron – blueprint for corruption

"He was a supporter of Ann Richards in my run in 1994, and she did name him the head of the Governor’s Business Council, and I decided to leave him in place just for the sake of continuity. And that’s when I first got to know Ken and worked with Ken, and he supported my candidacy." This is how President George Bush explained away his relationship to Enron CEO, Kenneth Lay. Enron, the single largest contributor to the George Bush campaign, donated over $550,000 to further Bush’s political goals.

Sago Mine Catastrophe 0

Sago Mine Catastrophe

International Coal Group Inc. owners and operators of the Sago Mine in central West Virginia indicated just hours after the Sago mine disaster, that recent citations against their mine were "minor". Meanwhile, the Labor Department’s Mine Safety and Health Administration report that 18 of the 46 citations were "significant and substantial". Over the past two years, the Sago Mine has been slapped with over 270 citations of which nearly 1/3 were "significant and substantial" including, mine roofs that tend to collapse without warning, faulty or inadequate tunnel support, failure to adequately insulate wiring (which could cause dangerous sparks), and dangerous buildups of flammable coal dust.

Oil Companies Rip off Customers 1

Oil Companies Rip off Customers

In the oil “market”, as with any free market, major oil company’s control over the raw product supply results in direct control over the price. There are many aspects of this control, some within our control, and some beyond.