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Ron Paul defends Wikileaks and Poses Nine Questions for Americans 0

Ron Paul defends Wikileaks and Poses Nine Questions for Americans

Ron Paul, the Texas Republican House Representative known for his deep libertarian roots, gave an impassioned speech on the U.S. House floor. Paul likened the attack in Wikipedia leader Julian Assange to “killing the messenger for bringing bad news”. He then posed nine questions for Americans to consider. Transcript of the speech shows…


Mexico – the World’s Most Corrupt Country

It’s easy to find examples of crime and corruption within the ranks of Mexico’s police and governments. Despite having more billionaires than most other countries on the planet, Mexico is considered one of the most corrupt countries in the hemisphere.


It’s OK to Kill your Mother if it Saves Someone’s Life

If you do not delve too deeply into the logistics of its execution, the idea is quite simple. Many believe that new Presidents and high level government officials are introduced to the doctrine shortly after they are inaugurated into office. It is a little know tenet that drives many of the decisions made by the United States government – the Doctrine of Double Effect or Principle of Double Effect.


InfraGuard – U.S. Private Sector Spy Network

The members of this rapidly growing group, called InfraGard, receive secret warnings of terrorist threats before the public does—and, at least on one occasion, before elected officials. In return, they provide information to the government.


Congressman who Pushed for Pedophile Laws Nailed for Online Sex Talk with Teenage Boy

Florida Congressman Mark Foley was a prominent supporter, even an avid advocate, of heavier penalties against pedophiles. He once commented that laws against child molesters should be so tough that pedophiles, when caught, would discover that their life was over. Now Foley has been discovered to be a pedophile himself after a 2005 incident with a 16 year old boy, was uncovered months later.


Iran – the most evil country?

The United States has had many antagonists during its eventful history – Russia, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq – even the mother country, Britain, was once considered an aggressor. One sordid assailant is often overlooked and possibly even misunderstood – Iran. Many in the U.S. already recognize that Iran has a strong loathing for the United States. What many do not understand is that their hatred of the U.S. is so strong, it creates a powder keg situation in the middle east.