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Texas teen has “affluenza” – wealthy 16-year-old with priors gets probation after killing four in drunk driving crash

North Texas residents were stunned today after State District Judge Jean Boyd sentenced an affluent 16-year-old teenager, who killed four pedestrians while driving drunk, to probation, despite the fact that the teen had already been charged with two alcohol-related offenses before he turned 16. The inebriated teen drove an estimated 70 MPH in a 40 MPH when he struck and killed four people, including three good Samaritans who were helping a disabled motorist. Two teens thrown from the truck suffered severe head injuries but recovered. Couch’s blood alcohol level tested at .24, three times the .08 legal limit.


The legal attack against Anonymous and LulzSec

The documents claim that Hector Xavier Monsegur (known as “Sabu” in Anonymous circles) acted as the rooter and assisted the groups in gaining unauthorized access to the systems by identifying vulnerabilities and providing infrastructure support (servers and routers) which could be used to launch the attacks. Whether the “infrastructure support” mentioned in the documents was unauthorized use of his company’s hardware or simply acting as a LIOC client/agent or Tor exit node is not specified. Strangely, the indictment does specifically mention that the group supported Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange.

MPAA and Dutch Anti Peer-to-Peer Group Seize Twenty Nine U.S. Domain Names without Trial 0

MPAA and Dutch Anti Peer-to-Peer Group Seize Twenty Nine U.S. Domain Names without Trial

Twenty nine U.S. based BitTorrent tracker and peer-to-peer file sharing sites disappeared in the blink of an eye. Dutch anti-P2P group “BREIN”, with assistance from the MPAA, set their sights on domain names of 29 United States based BitTorrent sites that allegedly make copyrighted material available to citizens of the Netherlands.


It’s OK to Kill your Mother if it Saves Someone’s Life

If you do not delve too deeply into the logistics of its execution, the idea is quite simple. Many believe that new Presidents and high level government officials are introduced to the doctrine shortly after they are inaugurated into office. It is a little know tenet that drives many of the decisions made by the United States government – the Doctrine of Double Effect or Principle of Double Effect.